A white dog paw
A white dog paw

Expert Dog Training: Board & Train for Lasting Results

white and black American pit bull terrier at daytime
white and black American pit bull terrier at daytime

Are you looking to fast track your dog’s training?
Just don’t have the time to devote to training your dog yourself?
Your dog is too large or too strong for you to handle?
You’re getting a new puppy and want someone to do the dirty work
Or maybe you feel that an expert will be able to train your pup better?

It sounds like a Flippin’ Pawsome Board & Train Program is perfect for your pup and best of all, unlike 99% of other board & train programs, your dog will live in-home with their trainer learning real life skills.  Your dog will be treated like a member of the family, learning real-life skills, instead of being kept in a kennel run coming out only for their daily training session.

By concentrating your dog’s training during their stay, they are able to progress much faster than dogs that do private or group lessons. Since your dog is living with us, progress and changes can be observed over a larger window of time. We are able to problem-solve the issues that arise on a daily basis, and modify your dog’s behavior immediately.

Just as with private training, we teach dogs to perform regardless of any distractions that naturally occur in the real world. This includes interactions with other dogs, people, noises, smells and so on. This is not a cookie cutter method: all dogs are different. But our overall principles of training do apply to board + train as well.

The Board and Train program is our residency program where you drop off your dog with us for 2-4 weeks. During that time your dog will get one on one professional dog training.

Topics we cover are:
  • Recall (coming when called)

  • Potty training

  • Sitting and downing on command until released or given another command

  • Placing for a long duration of time no matter the distraction level

  • Walking properly on leash and heeling when commanded

  • No longer jumping on people or surfaces

  • How to properly enter and exit and stay in a crate

  • How to properly get in and out of the car

  • Sitting before entering or exiting doorways

  • Stopping certain behaviors like digging and chewing

  • Not to react or lunge on walks towards people or other dogs/animals (if applicable)

This program also includes a go-home lesson at pick up/drop off, six month phone/email/text support and lifetime membership to our AKC Fit Dog Club and Facebook Training Group.